Flint Bar Hopping

Are you someone who enjoys an alcoholic drink (or two)? Perhaps you're an adventurer who wants to enjoy the city scene to the fullest extent? Either way, there's no better way to enjoy the city that you happen to be residing in than by bar hopping with all of your friends. Bar hopping is an activity where you drink at one bar, stay for a little while, and then go on to the next on the list! You can keep doing this until you puke, pass out, or get carried home by a friend. Just kidding, of course! Flint bar hopping is always a great time.

When you're out and about bar hopping in Flint, you're going to notice something...and that's the fact that the experience could be made much better if someone else were driving you. When it comes to bar hopping, the point is to get a little buzzed, therefore it's not a reasonable or responsible decision to try and drive yourself around. Limousines Flint is here for a reason, and bar hopping is a perfect excuse to take advantage of those reasons. We're confident that your bar hopping trip will be the best one yet when it's spent with Limousines Flint!

Bar hopping can be dangerous if it's not done the right way. There's no reason why anyone should be driving without a designated driver, and that's why getting a limo bus is so helpful. With a limousine or limo bus, a professional designated driver takes you from one spot to another with no worries of injuries or run ins with the law. They have a GPS unit to ensure you can get exactly where you need to be, and not to mention, our drivers are the most professional and courteous in the entire Flint area.

When you take into account all of the amazing features that come in our limousines and limo buses, it's even easier to make the decision to book with us. We ensure all of our vehicles come with color changing features throughout the interior, polished flooring for dancing, ice filled coolers at the granite bar areas, televisions with DVD inputs, iPod capable sound systems with subwoofers, fantastic leather seating to relax into, dark privacy windows, dancing poles, and much more. With all of these features at your fingertips, it's extremely easy to have a great time bar hopping in Flint.

Are you looking to reserve your Flint bar hopping transportation? If so, you can take solace in the fact that we're only a call away. Not only are we easy to reach, but we're pleasant to speak to, and that makes a ton of different when it comes to your experience. We'll ensure that you're completely taken care of throughout the night. Our booking agents are on the phones around the clock to ensure your reservation is taken care of. Give us a call and the rest will fall into place! We look forward to servicing your bar hopping in Flint.