Limousines Flint - How we set our Pricing

Limousines Flint strives to bring the Tri-Cities area the best limousine and limo bus pricing. We accomplish this in a variety of ways by keeping a close eye on market factors, demand, and our costs. Based on these factors, we are constantly adjusting the prices we charge to account for the fluctuating variations in our costs. The end result is that our clientele gets the best possible rate on any given day for limo service.


Some of the things we watch for when making our pricing adjustments are the following: Price for materials (parts for our vehicle repairs and maintenance), price of fuel, seasonal demand, and labor costs. They are all intertwined in a way which sees each factor in some way affect another. For an example, when our demand is the highest, we have the highest costs due to increased fuel consumption, increased labor costs, and increased maintenance parts and materials. This is why, when we are not at our busiest, we can lower our rates to account for our decreased costs. We could keep our rates fixed, but we have always felt that this isn't the fairest policy regarding our pricing. Yes, we are in business to make a profit, but we're not in the business to gouge our customers to squeeze every penny possible out of every run.


Type of VehicleSunday through Thursday (per hour)Friday (per hour)Saturday (per hour)
8-10 Passenger Limo Van$70$80$100
10-12 Passenger Limo Van$80$90$110
18 Passenger Limo Bus$110$130$150
18 Passenger H2 Hummer Limousine$120$140$160
20 Passenger White Limo Bus$120$135$160
22 Passenger Limo Bus$130$140$165
24 Passenger Limo Bus$135$150$180
24 Passenger Pink Limo Bus$135$150$180
28-30 Passenger Limo Bus$150$200$235
35 - 40 Passenger Limo Bus$175$225$260

When Calling for Quotes:

The above information makes it easy for our booking agents to give you a quote in the shortest amount of time possible. If you have this information ready for them, they'll be able to give you an accurate quote in seconds. This quote includes everything, your service, tip to the driver, and all of the fuel fees. You'll never be charged for anything outside of your knowledge. Our pricing is the most fair when you consider our the quality of our transportation and the affordability of our services.

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